DAWPRO Studios


Instruments Available:

  • Yamaha PF-100 Digital Piano
  • Yamaha Acoustic Guitar
  • Yamaha Classical Guitar
  • Yamaha Electric Bass Guitar
  • Slingerland 4 pc drum kit
  • Pearl Reference Series 6 pc drum kit
  • Digital Drums & Percussion (DrumKat, pads & pedals, Roland drum sound module)
  • PanJet Accordian

Available Services:

  • Online Mixing with Live Web Conferencing 
  • Project Mixing & Mastering 
  • Acoustic Drum Tracks 
  • Electric guitar amps 
  • Effects pedals
  • Session musicians
  • We specialize in Drum Track Replacement - We replace robotic time stretched drum loops with exciting awesome sounding acoustic drum and percussion tracks! You get a full set of drum tracks with stereo preview mixes available. Simply send us an mp3 of your song without the drums and then retrieve the completed drum tracks from your own personalized download page after your final approval. Or request delivery of your project at any sample rate and bit depth on Compact Disc via UPS or U.S. Mail. Ask for details.

    Click here to listen to samples of Drum Tracks at DAWPRO Studios.
Pool Table, TV, Video Games, Refrigerator, and Couches in lounge area.

Let us give you the full rich sound you want on your next album, demo, voice-over, or presentation.

Owned and operated by Steve Demetrician
Located in Kendall Park, NJ.

Call 732-233-3575 or send an inquiry for info, tour, rates, and availability.