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Drum Track Packages

All drum Tracks are performed by Steve Demetrician.

To get started, simply Contact Us for a free project evaluation.

You'll be instructed to send an mp3 of your current project.

Once we agree on the right sound and approach for your song, we'll need a version of your project without any drums.

Multi-track project files are preferred, but any stereo mix without the drum tracks or loops is sufficient for adding DAWPRO drum tracks to your project. Your existing tracks can be delivered in WAV, CWB, OMF, BWF, AIFF, MP3, or WMA format.

We're ready to go.

Thirteen tracks of drums are recorded during each session:
  • Kick Inside
  • Kick Front
  • Snare Top
  • Snare Bottom
  • Tom 1
  • Tom 2
  • Tom 3
  • Tom 4
  • Hi Hat
  • Left Overhead
  • Right Overhead
  • Left Ambient/Room
  • Right Ambient/Room

  • Sessions are completed within 5 business days.

    Preview mixes in mp3 format are made available immediately after each tracking session for review and approval.

    When you're satisfied, you will receive a full set of drum tracks. They can be downloaded from our server using your very own DAWPRO Studios Client Access Web Page where a single mouse click will place all of your tracks into the target folder on your computer or DAW. As an added bonus, a stereo drum mix is included so that you can try the DAWPRO drum mix on your system.
    After your drum tracks are downloaded, just import the files into your project. They will line up exactly with your other tracks. I use high quality gear, digital effects, and processors , and have a great deal of experience getting the best drum sound in different styles. Of course you can use the dry drum tracks and do all the processing yourself, but many clients just use the DAWPRO stereo drum mix... it's up to you.

    How much would you be willing to pay for all of this?   In comparable studios, you would easily pay $75.00/hr just for the studio time with a recording engineer. You would also pay another $100.00/hr just for a good session musician to track the drums for you. By the time you're done, you could easily have paid $300.00 for the job... and that would be a fair price!

    At DAWPRO Studios, the fee for drum tracks is a flat rate of $100.00 per song!   Album discounts are realized through free songs (1 out of every 7 songs is free)!!

    There's no additional charge for up to 3 recording sessions of the same song. After 3 sessions, it's $25.00 for each additional session. This guideline is followed for all songs including the free ones.

    Credit card payments can be made by clicking on the "BuyNow" link at the bottom of the DAWPRO Studios Rates page. Please mention the project name when making your payment. Please do not make any payments prior to song evaluation.

    I have nothing but respect and admiration for anyone picking up an instrument to make some music. Some are better than others, but when it comes to your own music... only you can judge what fits best. I have performed on Broadway in NYC, and have many artist CD credits to my name. There are plenty of opportunities built in to the way I work for you to stop doing business with DAWPRO Studios without incurring a loss, but I am confident you will be satisfied with your DAWPRO drum tracks when we're done.

    Click here to listen to samples of Drum Tracks at DAWPRO Studios.

    Thank you for considering DAWPRO Studios. Contact Us for your free project evaluation today.

    Steve Demetrician
    DAWPRO Studios
    Kendall Park, NJ
    Phone: 732-233-3575